Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Story of my mono pregnancy: Nevaeh & Cherish

Story of my mono pregnancy: Nevaeh & Cherish: "Hi to those who may be reading this blog entry! :) My names Taisha and im 17 years old. i was 16 years old at the time when my mum had reali..."

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nevaeh & Cherish

Hi to those who may be reading this blog entry! :)
My names Taisha and im 17 years old. i was 16 years old at the time when my mum had realised i had missed my regular monthly period, and was to take a pregnancy test as soon as i could. i knew i was pregnat already due to my lack of contraception used with my partner Zane over some period of time. i found out i was definetly pregnant at my 8 week scan. shockingly and suprisingly, with twins!. wow were we shocked. i cried .. with the gut feeling of money, two babies! and i was only 16. i was told at my 8 week scan that i had a special kind of twin. that my twins were very rare and they were called Monoamniotic twins. the doctor noted down that he knew they were mono twins because he couldnt see any dividing yolk sack between the twins. me and my family researched on the net about this twin. i went into Auckland hospital to be checked by specialists about the twins and they confirmed to me that they definetly were mono twins. they sat us down and told me and my partner zane of all the consequences involved with these twins. 50% survival rate, cord entanglement, twin to twin transfusion. i cryed. i cant explain how hard it was to hear. i was told that because of my age that i should terminate my twins because not many of these twins survive and i may have been too young to handle the type of pregancy. ofcourse i didnt listen. i was angry. i was given this blessing with twins! i had no other thort but to keep them. i saw the specialists every second week for ultrasounds and scans to monitor the twins. the doctors came up with a plan to bring me into hospital for complete bed rest when i fell 26 weeks. they said i would stay in hospital till i was 32 weeks which then they would operate a c-section which was the only way they deliver this type of twin. I also found out i was having identical girls!! yay i was so happy xo. i moved into hospital at 26 weeks. i then got into a routine where the mid wives on duty would put a ctg machine on my stomach to monitor the twins heart beats. gosh it was annoying to have those straps on for a good half an hour three times a day !. i began to know how to work the machine myself!, i became really good friends with the ladys at auckland hospital. i had 1 scan a week and i was seen by my team ov doctors every week morning really early just to check how i was. they told me they would deliver my twins on the 17th ov march!! i was so excited!. everything was going really well. i was so use to the hospital i had 3 rooms by 5weeks.! on the 6th of march, it was in the evening around dinner time in the hospital. one of the nurses came into do my ctg machine. i layed there as normal. me and the midwife found twin2s heart rate easily. but we couldnt find twin1s heart rate. we thort it was my heart rate since it was around 20 that read on the machine. we kept trying to search for a faster rate but couldnt find 1. doctors came in and looked and found the same number. doctors then came into the room and started preping me for a emergancy c-section! i was so happy i started to call my partner zane to come because the twins were goin to be delivered. even thou it was only 30 weeks , i just wanted them out because i thort they could survive. they were preping me. i had catheters in my hands, signing the papers. but it was too late. one of the main doctors told me twin 1 may have died. and if they were to take the twins out, theres a chance twin2 could die because she would be too prem or may have huge difficulties within herself. i died that day.. i couldnt believe it!. i told them why cant we take them out if twin2 is still alive we must be able to just take her out because shes alive! but they said taisha, its best to keep her in for aslong as you can. for her benifits. i was pulled by my bed down to the scan room to show me twin1s heart had stopped. i saw the scan, black and white. i saw no heart beating in twin1. my family had all turned up. they knew what had happened. my partner zane stayed with me in hospital that night. i was soooo heart broken. i cant descibe the hurt and pain. i had fair that twin2 was goin to die. i only had 11 days and they would had been here. Twin1 died on the 6th of march.. they were ment to come on the 17th. i stayed in hospital for a few more days. every nurse felt sorry for me because i had done everything right. my group of specialists came in early in the morning and told me the new plan. it was to keep the twins in aslong as i could and let natural labour come on itself. i was so angry. they also told me i could go home and that twin 2 was safe. i was let down.. i finally left hospital coming home to my room filled with two of everything. i had twin1 still in me with twin2 which was hard. but i knew i had to rest and still be positive so twin2 wouldnt feel my sadness. At 32 weeks i went into labour on the 20th of march. yes 3 days after the twins were ment to be here. i delivered twin1 first on the 21st of march 2010 at 11.45am. then i delivered twin2 at 12.15pm. it was the saddest moment of my life. but also the best as i saw my daughter, twin2 for the first time. she was 3pounds and 12 ounces. soooo tiny! my miracle. we saw the ambilical cord and there was a knot which doctors said was the cause of death. the blood supply and nutrients had stopped flowing through twin1s cord. me and my partner zane and family cremated my first daughter twin 1 who we named CHERISH JEAN ALLEN. i cremated her so when her twin sister is old enough, she has the decision to either scatter her sisters ashes or to burry them. also because my daughter cherish can be at home with us. im happy she is at peace now. she is in my room amongst all the teddies iv put around her ern. we then named twin2 NEVAEH JADE ALLEN ! nevaeh is heaven spelt backwards. she is soooooooooooooooo gawjuss i love her too bits. to make this story happy, i just need to mention her!. she was kept in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit)at auckland hospital for weeks then transferred to northshore hospital in SCBU (special care bby unit)until she was able to leave home when she reached five pounds! to this day i will always know what cherish would have looked like because i see her everytime i look at my beautiful daughter Nevaeh. i just want to thank the many doctors and nurses for being there for me zane and my girls. i appreciate your job and care that you provided and gave me. you guys are angels in disguise.also to all mine and zanes family for all the love and support especially to my sister kylie who is nevaehs godmother. you did so much for me and the twins and you continue to do so. im so lucky to have a sister like you. thank you allxo.